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Three Kouroi
Near the village or Melanes (Flerio) there are two out
of the three Kouroi you find in Naxos.

The unfinished archaic Kouros,almost 6.5 m long,
is lying douwn inside a garden for centuries in exactly
the same place that the ancient craftsmen deserted it.
In the north part of the island, near the beautiful village
of Apollonas, there is a gigantic Kouros (10 m in length),
which probablya personification of Dionysus.
You will find it in the begging of the village, in an
ancient quarry.   The third and less famous Kouros
is found in a landscaped path, near Flerio

Temple of Dimitra in Gyroulas (Sangri)

The temple of Dimitra in Gyroulas is one of the
most significant buildings of ancient Naxos and
dates back to 520-530 BC.The ancient sanctuary
was made entirely of white marble and it
was dedicated to the worship of goddess Dimitra;
in the 6th century it was tuned into a Christian basilica
church. Today, the restoration of the temple
has been completed and there is also a museum

Temple of Dionysus in Iria

The Sanctuary of Dionysus is situated in the area of Iria,
only 3km away from Chora. You will see there finds
from thetemple of Dionysus that date from
the 6th century BC.

The foundation stones of the sanctuary as well as
very few ruins of the temple‘s walls are being

The finds include marble pillars and a well of the 6th
century BC (the only one with a marble layer) as well
as a small exhibition room.
Three more temples were found
under the archaeological sight; all of them were
dedicated to Dionysus.


The Gate, Naxos Town
When arriving to Naxos Port the first impression you get will remain always in your mind. Portara, the huge marble Gate of the Temple of Apollo which was never finished. This is the trademark attraction of the island, built in the 6th century BC. It is believed that the temple was never completed and most of its parts were taken to build other structures on the island. Don’t miss the stunning sunset.

Agias Tower - Abraam beach
On the way to Apollonas you will reach Agias Tower. The spot offers a great view and offers you a journey to the way people used to live many many years ago.

Tower of Barozzi - Gratsia

Here we are taken back to the previous rule of the dukes as soon as we visit the Tower of Barozzi – Gratsia which predates the 17th century.

Chimmaros Tower, near Filoti village

The Tower of Chimarros is located in Filoti, a very scenic village in the center of Naxos Island. It was built in the 4th – 3rd centuries BC, during the Hellenistic Period and is a circular, marble structure standing at a height of approximately 15 meters.

Kalamitsia – Melanes Village

In Melanes lies you may visit Kalamitsia, where, in 1673, a Jesuit monk built a wonderful building, a proper palace, as a country residence for the Jesuit monks, in the luxuriant green valley.

Zas Cave – Filoti
The spring is the starting point of the old footpath leading to the cave of Zas, at an altitude of some 600 meters. The cave is of high archaeological importance and a small church, dedicated to Zoodochos Peghe (Virgin, Spring of Life) is established in the interior of it.

Apalirou Castle
It was the strongest fortress in Naxos and the administrative centre of the island during the Byzantine empire, situated on the top of an unapproachable mountain in the area of Sagri.


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