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>>Naxos Beaches- Naxos Island - Cyclades - Greece

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Naxos Beaches

naxos beaches

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Plaka Beach Naxos

Counting 4 km long you may enjoy the idyllic scenery which is composed by sugar white sand. The big sand hills and the dark green waters offer unforgettable moments of relaxation and calmness. Beach parties are still organized in Plaka beach taking you back to the 80's when Plaka used to be a hippies haven.

Agios Prokopios Beach

The beach is marvellous, as well as the water; the sunset very impressive. With the unique red coloured lakes located nearby the golden sand, tends to be the most popular beach on Naxos Island.

Agia Anna Beach Naxos

The picturesque small harbour of Agia Anna isits central point that accommodates fishing and tourist boats. In the peaceful bay of Ag. Nikolaos  and next to the forest of cedars, The endlessness of the sandy beach is interrupted by the shark like rocky shapes.

agios prokopios naxos

agios prokopios naxos

Advise to all travellers who book hotels via deposit. Due to a hackers attack in hoteliers emails, please make sure before making any deposit that the bank is located in Greece, and you have contacted the hotelier by phone before.

What happened?
Hoteliers mail accounts are hacked and you receive replies from hackers asking you to deposit money in banks that are located in Barcelona or other countries except Greece. At the same time the hacker erases your emails from the hotelier account, and replies from another email that is similar to reservations_*hotelsname*

The hotelier knows nothing about your reservation or deposit.

What to do now?
We advise you to contact your hotelier directly via phone in case you were deceived too. Do not send emails since in case the hoteliers is not aware the hacker will continue replying.

Hope you find our publication useful.


Naxos Beaches

::Agios Prokopios
::Agia Anna
::Saint George
::Mikri Vigla

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naxos beaches

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Useful Phones

Athens Olympic Airways: Tel: 801 1144444

Naxos Airport:
Tel: +30 22850 23292

Athens International airport “El. Venizelos”:
Tel: +30 210 3530000

Public Bus Station (KTEL): Tel: +30 22850 22291

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Naxos Local Products

Naxos products include hand-made woven fabrics, citron liquer, pottery, hand-made leather goods and jewelry, specially the "Naxos Eye", which is said to bring luck.

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A Campaign is in its beggining oppossing to the sale of Naxos Beaches, and the lakes in Agios Prokopios and the airport.

One hundred and ten of Greece’s best beaches are on sale by Greece’s privatization agency, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (TAIPED) in the name of supposed “development” and “utilization of public assets”. In fact a sale off of Greece best beaches for cash so that the debt-ridden country can pay back its lenders.

The idea that Agios Prokopios, Plaka, and Kalados with its blue-green waters and light colored sand will be sold to investors fills us with horror. The idea that the lakes of Naxos that attract hundreds of bird species will become sports facilities fill us with anger.

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Naxos beaches where awarded with 3 BLUE FLAGS for the year 2014. These beaches are Agios Prokopios beach, Agia Anna beach - Maragas and Saint George Beach. With  394 awarded sea shores in total, Greece is again in the second place among 48 countries worldwide .

The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with Water Quality, Environmental Education and Information, Environmental Management, and Safety and Other Services.

Naxos Beaches Agios Prokopios

naxos beaches agios prokopios

Naxos Beaches - Agia Anna

naxos beaches agia anna

Naxos Beaches - Plaka

naxos beaches PLAKA

Naxos Beaches - Panormos

naxos beaches panormos

Naxos Beaches - Micri Vigla

mikri vigla naxos beaches


naxos rent a car


Naxos Rent A Car

naxosbeaches agiosprokopios naxos agiaanna plaka stelida saintgeorge


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