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Food is a big part of everyday life in Naxos
Greece. There are many taverns and
restaurants, right on the beach and
in the charming alleyways that serve
both local delicacies and a variety of
international cuisine.

In Naxos, we suggest trying the delicious
meat and game dishes, fresh seafood and

Naxos wines are also superb and go
beautifully with the island's traditional cuisine.

We have picked the top voted restaurants on Naxos.

We highly suggest you to visit

Naxos Town - Sarris Tavern

Agios Prokopios - Anesis - Spiros Restaurant

Moutsouna - Apanemi

Saint George Beach - Saint George Plaza

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naxos restaurants

naxos restaurants




Sarris Restaurant Naxos Town

naxos best restaurant sarris

With an ambiance that emulates the relaxed, opulent experience of dining on the island of Naxos, high-quality fare offered here is a true delight. Each dish on Sarris menu is considered a specialty, but the fresh daily Thalassina (seafood) is most popular. Indulge in fish-free delicacies, our famous chicken souvlaki and the traditional baked lamb with ouzo, tomatoes, and Kefalotiri cheese . Most importantly, Sarris Restaurant in the alleys of Naxos Town lives up to its Aegean namesake memorable taste.”

Location: Oppossite of the famous Waffle House where you can enjoy fantastic ice creams and of course waffles.

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Anesis Spiros Tavern Agios Prokopios Naxos Island

naxos restaurant anesis spiros

Agios Prokopios Naxos Taverna Anesis - Spiros

one of the oldest taverna's in Agios Prokopios keeps on serving the most delicious,
fresh food at low rates.


Restaurant Anesis Spiros Agios Prokopios Naxos Island

Restaurant Anesis Spiros menu offers traditional recipes, a variety of seafood flown in fresh, rich selection of cold and warm food appetizers, salads, pasta dishes as well as meat dishes and unique daily culinary offerings crafted with fresh, locaingredients. Don't miss pork on the grill every Saturday as well as the famous lobster pasta. You may also enjoy fresh calamares, shrimps and fresh fish all on the grill. With a wide variety of Greek food and fresh fish every day.

It worths every bite. Delicious food and offers the traditional Naxian cuisine. Child friendly (playland)

Location : When you arrive in Agios Prokopios beach you turn right. Anesis Spiros Restaurant is the biggest tavern located at the end of the road, about 100m.

Spiros Tsakalaka

anesis spiros tavern agios prokopios naxos restaurant

Contact Details: Anesis Spiros Restaurant Naxos Island tel: 00302285042055 - 0030 6972365423

Apanemi Restaurant Moutsouna Naxos Island

"Apanemi" is not a common fish tavern, it’s a special place, one of those who are so difficult to find!

What makes it special? Its owners have decided to use their boat, a traditional "kaiki" (fisherboat), to fish on an every day basis in the crystal waters of the eastern Naxian coast, only and exclusively for their taverna. The result?

You get excellent, fresh fish every single day! Our love for the sea and our passion to give priority to the untouched, natural taste of its products, enable us to create fantastic recipes, such as our famous "Spaghetti with Lobster".

So, right on the shore, you’ll be able to enjoy seafood flavours, in a totally relaxed environment, having an unforgettable time with the people you love.

naxos moutsouna restaurant apanemi


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